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On April 19th, we transitioned to a new membership management system.  It's pretty straightforward and shouldn't take long to figure out how to update your account, but below are some tips for what you'll see when you log in.

If you are experiencing difficulties logging in, it is almost certainly due to your browser's cache (memory) storing the old login procedures.  Below are some steps to take if you can't log in:

1.  Use this page to log in:  https://member.sentimentrader.com/secure/members/default.aspx.

2.  Make sure you are typing in your username and password, and not using copy-and-paste.

3.  Make sure you are typing your username and password with the correct case (upper or lower, or a mix depending on how you entered it when you signed up).

4.  Clear your browser's cache memory (http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache).  You should then close the browser and re-start it (maybe your PC as well).

5.  You can try a different browser if possible (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer).

If that still doesn't work, then the issue is likely related to the cookie that it has stored for sentimentrader.  If you don't want to delete all the cookies in your browser, please try deleting only the one(s) from sentimentrader.com via this process:

1. Go to Tools, then Internet Options.

2. It should be on the General tab, so look in the Browing History section and click Settings.

3. Click View Files. That will bring up a folder listing all of your temporary files for your browser.

4. In the top-right corner is a search box that should say something like "Search Temporary Internet Files". In that box, type sentimentrader and hit Enter.

5. It will pull up a list of temporary files for our site. Delete everything, or at least the text files.

You may want to close down and re-start the browser at that point, then go here to log in: https://member.sentimentrader.com/secure/members/default.aspx

That is for Microsoft Internet Explorer.  If you are using a different browser, the process should be similar but a Google search for your browser name and "delete specific cookie" should give you the proper process.

As part of this process, we are moving to a new email notification system as well, so you'll receive an alert when a new report has been posted, along with a direct link to it.  We are doing this with a new email provider, so there may be some initial "white list" issues, particularly if you use a Yahoo! or AOL email address.  During the transition, we will send the full report via the existing method as we have been doing.

If you have further questions about your account, please open a customer service ticket or email admin@sentimentrader.com.



If your subscription has expired, you will see this notice:

At that point, you can click to renew your subscription by following the links.



If you do have an active subscription, but it's up for renewal in the next 15 days and we don't have a billing profile for you, you will see this:

From there, click UPDATE BILLING PROFILE to update your information, or NOT NOW, PLEASE CONTINUE to enter the site without updating.  It will keep asking you to update each time you login so that your subscription can continue uninterrupted.



If you choose to update your billing profile, then you will get the following screen showing your current information:

Click UPDATE INFO to get the next screen.  From here, you can update your contact information along with your payment details.



If you click the My Account button on top, you'll see these choices:

You can choose to update your billing information (including payment details as discussed above) or contact information from there.  You can change your email address, for example, from either the Billing Information or Contact Information choices.



Or, you can Edit Password, which will get you here:

Just enter a new password, confirm it and click UPDATE PASSWORD.



The last option on the "My Account" menu is to contact customer service and open a ticket.  If you have an existing open ticket, you'll see this screen with your previous interactions:

Otherwise, when opening a new ticket, you'll see the following screen.  Just enter a subject for your question and the details of your inquiry.



If you click the "My Subscriptions" button on the top menu, you'll see your current subscription term, the next renewal date, the price you're paying and its current status.  It will also show your past billing details (on the new system) and allow you to print a basic receipt.

From here, you can cancel your subscription (gasp!) or switch your account to a different term (monthly, quarterly, yearly).



If you choose Cancel, you'll see the following screen.  Click the Cancelled button and select a reason, then choose SAVE.  If you don't click SAVE, it will not cancel the account.

Please be aware that your cancellation will be effective immediately, and NOT as of the next billing date.  So if you've already paid and have three weeks left on your term, you may choose to wait until closer to the Next Billing date before canceling.  The system is NOT set up to handle refunds or pro-rations.  For quarterly or yearly subscriptions (within 90 days of subscribing), if you feel entitled to a prorated refund, please contact us at admin@sentimentrader.com.



If you choose Switch from the My Subscriptions menu, then you'll get the following screen.  You can choose a different subscription term, which will become effective at your next renewal date.


If you run into any questions, please contact us at admin@sentimentrader.com.



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