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02/05/13......Newsletters reach record long exposure to stocks

02/22/13......Gold sentiment is souring



The Hulbert sentiment indexes for Stocks, Bonds and Gold are courtesy of Hulbert Financial Digest.


This service was started by Mark Hulbert, in order to track the performance of hundreds of investment newsletters.  On a daily basis, Hulbert's team monitors all the newsletters they follow and determines the net long or short exposure of each letter.  We update the charts on our site weekly - for daily data, please visit their service directly.


They then aggregate that data to construct their Hulbert Sentiment Indexes, which is what we show on the site.


The net exposure among newsletters can vary from 100% net short to 100% net long, though in reality most newsletters are biased to the long side, so there is usually a long-side bias to the sentiment indexes.



This data is considered to be a contrary indicator when it reaches an extreme.  As noted above, newsletters tend to be long-biased, so whenever we see a net short exposure among them, it tends to be a decent buy signal for the underlying market.


Conversely, when newsletters are lopsidedly bullish, the underlying market tends to under-perform going forward.



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