Financial stocks have done this only 3 other times

Financials have been on a heckuva run. So much so that more than half of them hit a 52-week high on Thursday. 

Stocks like KeyCorp, Progressive, and Capital One have surged in recent weeks after a brief consolidation. Even with a breather on Friday, more Financials hit 52-week highs than stocks in any other major sector. 

There were 3 other similar thrusts in Financial stocks hitting 52-week highs in recent months. Over the past 50 sessions, an average day has seen nearly 20% of Financial stocks hitting new highs. This is one of the highest averages in more than 20 years.

Financial stocks 52 week high

Our Backtest Engine shows that there were 3 other distinct times in the past 20 years when financials went on a run like this, with nearly 20% of Financials hitting a 52-week high on an average day over 50 sessions.

Even when looking at lesser extremes in this 50-day average of new highs in XLF, the fund struggled to show sustained gains over the next several months.

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Last week, large speculators (typically hedge funds) in major index futures like the S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 bought more than $20 billion worth of contracts. That's the 5th-largest one-week net purchase in the history of the contracts.

What else we're looking at

  • More detailed returns after Financials see a run in 52-week highs
  • An update to the Market Breadth Composite and what it's saying about stocks' health
  • What to watch for when a large number of stocks in the S&P 1500 become oversold

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