High-Yield Bonds Overbought As U.S. Stocks Beat The World

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Junk bonds are anything but

High-yield bonds have been among the best performers short- and long-term. That has led to an extreme overbought reading in the Relative Strength Index as well as a 52-week high in the iBoxx Liquid High Yield Index.

That combination has usually preceded even more gains.

It’s the U.S. versus the world

Year-to-date, the S&P is up more than 4% while world stocks (excluding the U.S.) are down more than 4%. That’s never happened before. Other large differentials in YTD returns between the markets have led to weak returns in both, with world stocks tending to see the weakest returns.

Not golden

The GDX Gold Miners index lost more than 3% to land at a fresh 52-week low. Catching that falling knife worked out most of the time over the next few weeks.

New indicators

We’ve added Commitments of traders data for lumber, Ultra 10-year Treasuries and Ultra 30-year Treasuries. New Premium charts include risk reversals (an indicator of option market sentiment) for the Aussie dollar, British pound, Canadian dollar, euro, Japanese yen, Mexican peso and Swiss franc.

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