Nasdaq Breadth Is (Too) Good As Buyers Finally Persist Intraday

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Tech breadth remains impressive

A few major Tech stocks get all the attention, throwing a shadow over all the other members. So far this year, the sector is showing some of the best breadth readings since 1990, with broad participation.

Even if there was a negative divergence with breadth, it would not be a good reason to sell.

Buyers finally close

For the first time in weeks, buyers have persisted in closing the regular trading session near the intraday high. Prior to Wednesday, the S&P 500 futures closed in the bottom 76% of their range for 14 straight days.

When a streak of poor closes was ended by a close near the top of the range, it led to further gains.

Nasdaq gap

The Nasdaq 100 fund, QQQ, enjoyed a 2% rally on Thursday and thanks to a good reception to after hours earnings, is on track to gap up more than 1% on Friday morning. In its history, it has gapped up 1% the morning after a 2% rise 73 times, with its most consistent performance being a week later, when it added to the gains 26 times (a 35% win rate).

Intraday bubbly

Our shortest-term STEM.MR Model closed above 90% on Thursday, suggesting an abnormally large surge in ultra short-term optimism.

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