There has been a breakout in breakouts

This week has been one for the record books, in a number of different ways. Most spectacularly, the surge in small-cap stocks that pushed the Russell 2000 to its best-ever gain while hitting a new high.

The record-breaking rally in that index didn't occur in isolation, of course - the index rallied because many stocks within the index did. And enough of them rallied well enough to tickle 52-week highs. More than 15% of stocks within the Russell managed to score a fresh high on Wednesday, the most since 2016.

Small cap Russell 2000 members at 52 week high

There was a jump in other metrics that track the underlying health and momentum of small-caps. If we create a composite breadth indicator out of them all, then Wednesday's reading was the highest in several years. When this composite first jumped above 50, small-cap stocks tended to take a 1-2 week breather (except for the last 2 instances), but over the next year, the Russell 2000 showed a positive return every time.

What else is happening

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  • All industries and sectors have rising 200-day moving averages...and most stocks do, too
  • What Thursday's odd readings mean for forward returns
  • Looking at a comprehensive overall market breadth composite and what it says about the recent high in the S&P 500
  • Introducing a "Fed thrust" indicator
  • Is this a trend change in the U.S. dollar?
  • Looking at other huge 3-day drops in gold
  • What stocks have done when Nonfarm Payroll reports miss estimates

Stat Box

As of last week, "smart money" commercial hedgers were net short 28% of the open interest in corn futures, the most in 25 years. The only period where they were close to being this short was in May 2011.

Sentiment from other perspectives

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1. Well, this is kind of insane. The picture says it all. [Citi]

citi panic euphoria

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equity fund flows

3. What do you do when you expect stocks to rise? Tell people about it, of course! Bullish sentiment among Twitter users is getting high. [Callum Thomas, Topdown Charts]

twitter stock sentiment

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