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Keep up with insights from our team. Below are some of the recent media mentioning the work of Sundial Capital Research.

MAY 2021

The S&P’s 500 Inflation-Adjusted Yield Is Below Zero. It’s a ‘Red Flag.’ - Alexandra Scaggs, Barron's

Bitcoin Hovers Around $40,000 as Cryptos Bounce Back From Rout - Eric Lam, Bloomberg

VIX Higher Than Actual Volatility Is Good News for Stock Bulls - Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg

Could a Spiking VIX Mean Stocks and Index ETFs Move Higher? - ETF Trends, Nasdaq

APRIL 2021

More Stocks Are Participating in Rally, an Encouraging Sign for Bull Market - Caitlin McCabe, Wall Street Journal

Stocks plunged on Wall Street - Zera Pearson, East Africa News Post

Company Insiders Are Selling Stocks. Others Are Buying. What That Means for the Market. - Jacob Sonenshine, Barron's

Is the US Benefits Rally a watermark? - Mr. Takenori Miyamoto, Nikkei

Months After the GameStop Saga, Retail Traders Still Haven’t Checked Out - Evie Liu, Barron's

MARCH 2021

Block Trade Mess Revives Fierce Debate on ‘Leverage Gone Wrong’ - Katherine Greifeld and Vildana Hajric, Bloomberg

Quadruple Witching Moves Jump-Start Stock Market Volume - Lu Wang, Bloomberg

Sluggish Market Volume Set to Spike for Quadruple Witching - Lu Wang, Bloomberg

The Market Isn’t Fighting the Fed. What That Means for Stocks. - Ben Levisohn, Barron's

The Most Bullish Thing the Market Can DoDave Keller, StockCharts TV

Stocks Rally to Finish a Wild Week - Karen Langley and Joe Wallace, Wall Street Journal

Behind the Charts with Jason Goepfert - Dave Keller, StockChatrs TV

Financial Stocks Have Crushed Tech. The Trade Is Still Alive. - Jacob Sonenshine, Barron's


Why Your Wild Trading Ideas Feel So Right - Jason Zweig, Wall Street Journal

The truth about IPOs and profitOpto Magazine

A Frothy Market, But The Bulls Are Still In Charge - Clif Droke, Seeking Alpha

The Signs Are Everywhere... The 'MAMU' Is Coming - Rick Ferris, Daily Wealth

Rockefellers urge banks to stop fossil-fuel lending - Rick Spence, Corporate Knights

Gold Is Way Down. Here’s When to Worry. - Jacob Sonenshine, Barron's

Robinhood Crisis Reveals Hidden Costs in Zero-Fee Trading Model - Misyrlena Egkolfopoulou and Sarah Ponczek, Bloomberg

A ‘Dumb-Money Confidence’ stock-market gauge is flashing a warningMark DeCambre - MarketWatch


‘Weaponised’ options trading turbocharges GameStop’s dizzying rallyRobin Wigglesworth, Financial Times

VIX Is Sounding Alarms While Greed Engulfs Global Markets - Business Maverick

GameStop Erased the Stock Market’s January Gains. February Could Be Worse. - Ben Levisohn, Barron's

Retail Traders Are Piling Into Viral Options Calls at All-Time High Level - Vildana Hajric, Katie Greifeld, Bloomberg 

‘Weaponised’ options trading turbocharges GameStop’s dizzying rally - Robin Wigglesworth, Financial Times

Small options traders have come roaring back - Bloomberg TV (39:00 minute mark)

Newbies Discover Penny Stocks and 1 Trillion Shares Get Traded - Sarah Ponczek and Elena Popina, Bloomberg

‘Full-blown mania’: U.S. stock market jackpot bells just keep ringing - Bloomberg, via The Japan Times

Stay Sane This Year With 'True Diversification' - Dan Ferris, Daily Wealth

The Bubble Isn’t What You Think It Is - Ben Levisohn, Barron's

Scotia likes the loonie, copper miners for 2021 - Scott Barlow, The Globe and Mail


A Speculative Frenzy Is Sweeping Wall Street and World Markets - Bloomberg News

‘Smart money’ index hits one-year low, as stock market trades near records - Mark DeCambre, MarketWatch

Gold Falls to a Critical Threshold. Why Investors Should Take Note.- Evie Liu, Barron's

Bet on Big Money’s Favorite Asset Class for 2021- Nicholas Vardy, Investment U


Why the Stock Market Keeps Rising — and Why Its Next Test Comes This Week - Ben Levisohn, Barron's

Changes: Vaccine News Changing Market’s Leadership Characteristics?- Liz Ann Sonders, Charles Schwab

Investors see an ‘All clear’ for a reopening rally. Are they right this time? - Michael Santoli, CNBC

Energy Stocks Are Making A Longer-Term Low - Bill Sarubbi, Forbes

Wall Street Jumps on Value Train Amid Record Global Rotation - Cormac Mullen, Bloomberg

History signals US stocks may extend post-election surge - Joanna Ossinger and Andreea Papuc, Economic Times

The Stock Market Shows Positive Signs After the US Presidential Election Day - David Carty, Business Deccan

Wall Street closed higher as vote counting continuesalKaleej Today


How Weak Are Energy Stocks? The Sector Is Now Less Than 2% of the S&P 500. - Andrew Bary, Barron's

Stock Market Suffered Its Worst Week Since March. Here’s What Hit It.Ben Levisohn, Barron's

Why stock-market investors are starting to focus on Biden’s narrowing lead against Trump - Mark DeCambre, and Joy Wiltermuth, MarketWatch

Mixed Emotions: Sentiment Telling Divergent Stories - Liz Ann Sonders, Charles Schwab

Whale’s Resurfacing Shows Options Market a Source of Turbulence - Katherine Greifeld, Bloomberg

Small-Cap Resurgence Bodes Well for this ETF - Tom Lydon, ETF Trends

The Generational Opportunity in Energy Stocks Today - Jesse Felder, Superinvestors podcast


What to make of Monday's rallyTony Dwyer, CNBC

Option Dealers Pushed Prices to Extremes in Day Trader Onslaught - Justina Lee and Yakob Peterseil, Bloomberg

What caused the US tech sell-off that dragged on the Nasdaq index? - CMC Markets

How the Little Guy Is Fueling the Stock Market’s Wild Ride - Andrew Bary, Barron's

Surge in choices buying and selling helps drive positive factors on Wall Street - FinTech Zoom

Are You an Investor or a Gambler? The Stock Market Knows. - Jason Zweig, The Wall Street Journal

How a retail options craze fuelled SoftBank’s ‘whale’ trade - Robin Wigglesworth, Financial Times

Nasdaq Whale Theory for Tech Stock Surge Is Stirring Doubts - Yakob Peterseil and Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg

LPL Market Signals - The Correction Continues - LPL Financial, Youtube

The Options Trading Bubble: What Are Your Thoughts? - Ritholtz Wealth, Youtube

The Options-Enhanced Stock Market Money Machine Is Going Global - Katherine Greifeld and Vildana Hajric, Bloomberg

A Speculative Feeding Frenzy Like We’ve Never Seen Before - Jesse Felder,


Why the Fed’s huge policy shift on inflation could be rocket fuel for stocks - Bernhard Warner, Fortune

A Warning Flashes for Record U.S. Stock Rally - Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg

Stocktake: Market surge still driven by handful of tech giants  - Proinsias O'Mahony, The Irish Times

The Best Dividend Stocks For A 10% Pullback - Brett Owens, Forbes

Stock market live Tuesday: Dow up 150 points, Nasdaq record close, stimulus talks continue - CNBC

JULY 2020

S&P 500 Sends Bullish Technical Signal With Golden Cross - Amena Saad and Sarah Ponczek, Bloomberg

Nasdaq Optimism Index's Average is the Highest For Last 20 Years, But Are There Any Good Reasons For That? - Usman Salis, The Tradable

Gold soars to record high as investors seek safety - Bloomberg via The Hindu Times

JUNE 2020

Don't Blame the Fed for the Robinhood Trading Blitz - Jared Dillian, Bloomberg

APRIL 2020

This may not be ‘just a bear market rally’ - Proinsias O'Mahony, The Irish Times

Corporate insiders are frantically buying up their own stock - Sarah Ponczek, Bloomberg via The Detroit News

MARCH 2020

Handicapping The Future Of Financial Markets - Brett Steenbarger, Forbes

Technicals the Pros Are Watching After This Instant Bull Market - Joanna Ossinger, Bloomberg


Market Melt-Up May Have Gone Too Far, Some Measures Indicate - Gregor Stuart Hunter, Bloomberg


The ‘Titanic’ Indicator Has Been Right for the Past Two Years. It’s Flashing Red for the Stock Market - Ben Walsh, Barron's


Shades of 1987 and 2008 in Current Level of Stocks Getting Crushed - Elena Popina, Bloomberg


The `Hindenburg Omen' Is Stalking Near-Record U.S. Stock Market - Cormac Mullen, Bloomberg


Volatility Gets Back in the Saddle Again - Liz Ann Sonders, Charles Schwab via Advisor Perspectives