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Interactive charts providing sentiment for Stocks, Bonds, Commodities and ETF's

The SentimenTrader premium service builds on the basic level of service by adding additional commentary and indicators, including social sentiment indicators developed using automated natural language processing. The premium service includes:

  • All Regular Features
  • Priority email support
  • Email delivery - PDF Reports and Notes will be emailed to your inbox, instead of having to log into the website.
  • Premium Notes - access to most of the Notes will be restricted to Premium users.
  • Full history for backtests for all indicators
  • "Favorite" Chart Email Notifications - A nightly updated listing of your favorite indicators in email format with sentiment readings (this is opt-in, you do not have to receive it).
  • Pre-Close Digest - a daily email that is sent out approximately 45 minutes before the close of normal market hours. It includes updates on market activity, intraday indicators, Premium Notes and other important metrics that might be useful to make end-of-day decisions (this is opt-in, you do not have to receive it).
  • Access to over 400 premium signals / indicators. These include:
    • Aggregate volatility ETF fund flow
    • Aggregate VIX sentiment
    • Hedge fund stock exposure
    • Aggregate Wall Street analyst price changes
    • Consumer sentiment on stocks (up minus down forecasts)
    • Consumer sentiment on bonds (up minus down forecasts)
    • Crude oil futures term structure
    • Crude oil VIX
    • Gold VIX
    • High-yield bond breadth statistics (daily advance/decline and new high / new low)
    • Bond market fund flow
    • Gold and silver ETF holdings (ounces held)
    • Major index ETF put/call open interest
    • Major index ETF shares outstanding
    • ETF Total Leveraged Long Assets and ETF Total Leveraged Short Assets
    • Major index ETF social sentiment (Twitter sentiment according to the Doctorate work that Eric completed)
    • Buying and selling climax totals for the S&P 500 (weekly)
  • Data - users will be able to access the past several months of data via CSV files.
  • First access to new strategies, alerts and indicators as they are released

Premium service is available at the following rates: $69 Monthly or $699 Yearly

For a video walkthrough of our premium service, please watch the video below.

Premium Service Overview

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